About Us

Where it All Began!

Vaughn and Suzanne started out with a hot dog cart in 2009. We out grew the cart in a matter of months and were soon traveling 4 states providing a variety  of street food to patrons at airshows, horse shows and large events.  

Fast Forward

We needed more space for our concession business! We opened a small café in 2013 but realized we could better serve the mobile and entrepreneurial community by offering a commercial kitchen and commissary. 

Fast Forward Once More

We Needed More Space! Due to the success of our clients and need for more desirable hours for scheduling, we looked for a second location.  In February of 2019,  we received our DHEC permit and began on-boarding new clients the next day!

We didn't go too far! Mauldin is perfect location for Old Mill Kitchen and Commissary II. Convenient to Restaurant Depot and Sam's Club.  

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Old Mill Kitchen and Commissary